Anathema - Falling Deeper


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Works on the principle of White light

Best to be used in casinos

Available cash on delivery

100 % authentic and original product

Nice gift to your friends

Deliver the product within 2-3 days

1 year warranty

* All kinds of cards brand available


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Characterization of Secret playing cards cheating device

Secret playing cards cheating device is the latest spy gadget in the market in the field of gambling and poking. This spy gadget enhances your chances of winning game and reduces the risk of being caught. This converts your bad luck into good luck. This product will work out on games that are associated with playing cards like TEEN PATTI, Poker, flash, Maang Patta, etc. This spy card is invisible by naked eyes and with this device helps you to see the number and suit on each playing card.

Our Secret playing cards cheating device are available by our dealers as per the demands of clients and also at affordable rates. Our Secret playing cards cheating device shop in Delhi and Gurgaon offers you extensive look, good quality, excellent finish cards. Buy now this spy gadget in Delhi and get door to door service with complete customer satisfaction.

Details and Specifications

Suitable with all kind of playing games like Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker and etc.
User friendly as well as harmful to use in your eyes
Works on the principle of white light
You can see the invisible marks only with soft contact lens and not by naked eyes.

Package Substances:

Invisible Playing Cards
Invisible playing cards seeing goggles
Invisible playing card contact lenses.